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the planets

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

arguably the most significant and essential aspects in astrology, the planets have been studied for thousands of years through ancient mythology and can be studied for entire lifetimes with continuously unfolding discoveries. the themes and archetypes cannot be denied in their amplification and suggestion in our birth charts, especially during the planetary returns where they station throughout our life at the same degrees from when we were born. the planet and plant connection can be quite obvious at times and also equally metaphorical at others.

the sun rules over plants with yellow, orange or red flowers, smell and taste pleasant, grow majestically in open and sunny places.

the moon rules over plants that have thick, juicy leaves and a watery or sweet taste that like to grow in damp places or by the water.

mercury rules plants in sandy or barren places; their flowers may be of almost any colour or even multicoloured, their seeds carried in husks or pods.

venus + uranus rules over plants with white flowers, smooth leaves, a sweet taste and a pleasant smell.

mars rules over plants that are red with pointed, sharp leaves and a burning taste that prefer to grow in dry places.

jupiter rules over plants that are sweet or inoffensively scents, bluish-purple or yellow in colour that grow in magnificent abundance.

saturn rules over plants that have a sour, bitter or sharp taste encompassing almost all of the poisonous species. uranus rules over plants considered androgynous and offer a yang effect. neptune rules over plants that are feminine and moist, growing in swampy areas.

pluto rules over plants that have gone through a cycle and are returning to the earth, decaying and renewing for future plant life to come.

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