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the elements

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

the four universal elements, Aristotle et al believed everything in the universe is an intentioned combination of earth, water, air and fire. this idea has transcended thousands of years and is still considered to be the cornerstones of philosophy, science and medicine.

so what does this mean for us? we can connect with any and all of these elements to foster growth, emotion, intellect and inspiration. so how do you know what it is you need or what your natural deficiency is? this can be determined by astrological herbalism in a very specific way; we can use your birth chart or cosmic fingerprint to understand what characteristics you naturally possess (for example: I am a Capricorn or earth stellium with two prominent air and fire placements) this means that water is an element that I may seek to channel during specific times of the year or through specific occasions in my personal life to create more harmony.

astrological herbalism offers this connection through recognizing that the way in which constellations and planets in the sky create patterns and go through cycles, so do the plants growing from the earth to encourage similar results. this influence gives weight to not only sync up with the cosmic consciousness but also to ground yourself in the earthy allies we may not otherwise seek.

now that we know the what and why, how can we use this energy to manifest and co-create the life of your dreams? these teas can be used traditionally, steeped and sipped, you can put a portion of the herbs in a beautiful glass cup on your altar space or wherever you meditate, they can be burned ceremoniously on a specific lunation (super full moon in Aquarius, maybe?), sprinkled into your bath water, or put into an organic sachet and placed under your pillow. these products are meant to be used in many different ways for many different purposes, intuition always welcomed and encouraged.

still with me? here's a deep dive

air is ruled by the east, waxing moon, spring and dawn. the element of beginnings, communication, inspiration, travel, freedom and intellect. plants will have an effect on the mind or spirit and help to blow away obstructions. typically harvest above ground parts.

**think lavender, meadowsweet, elderflower, butterfly pea and daisy

fire is ruled by the south, full moon, summer and noon. the element of passion, purification, courage and power. plants will be bright red, yellow, orange and/or have a spice or warming effect. typically harvest above ground parts.

**think calendula, hawthorn berries, chamomile, angelica root, hops and wormwood

earth is ruled by the north, the dark moon, winter and midnight. the element of wisdom, peace, money, fertility, stability and protection. plants will have an effect on the physical body, bring a sense of grounding and nourishment. typically harvest the roots.

**think mugwort, magnolia, milky oat tops, yarrow, valerian root and honeysuckle

water is ruled by the west, waning moon, fall and dusk. the element of emotions, empathy, healing, dreams, compassion, reconciliation and love. plants will have a soothing and cooling effect on our emotional body. typically harvest all parts.

**think blue vervain, rose petals, sweet violet and white willow bark

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